Only two balls of yarn….

       Last week I had two balls of yarn  I had to think of something really special to make with them.I decided that  needed a hat to me , because my old hat was very boring.

How this yarn is beatiful!!! Even the simplest hat and scarf pattern works up into a fashion accessory when you make it in a luscious yarn.

Yarn: Alize, batik design, angora gold, 10 % mohair,10% wool, 80% acrylic

Crochet hook: 3

When I was finished a hat ,I began to think about new scarf.

This is what I got :



IMG_1954 IMG_1955

After my daughter liked new things and she took   them to herself . 

 And again I decided to crochet  a hat. I crocheted a hat by the same patterns but crochet hook was size 6.


My new scarf is made from 7 motifs,joined together.



But my new hat is very light , not warm enough for the cold winter.

So I thought of my old boring cap.

I decided to remake my old  hat:

first version:

second version:


Flower’s pattern

Overall, I really enjoyed working with the  yarn !

I  advise to use a crochet hook 3,  so I would  recommend experimenting with the different variations to decide which ones you like best !


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9 years ago

Dear fionitta the pic of hat doesn’t open,could you plz help me ,thanks

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